As a musician, Kioto is a taiko artist descending from an okiya (geisha house) performing arts family in Tokyo –called Toyoakimoto– with roots dating back to the Edo period. Learning from her father Tatsu Aoki who was born in Tokyo, Kioto is carrying on the artistic family lineage in Chicago, playing in both traditional and contemporary musical contexts. She leads Tsukasa Taiko, the Japanese drumming department at Asian Improv aRts Midwest (AIRMW), and is active within the experimental and creative music communities in Chicago and the Bay Area. She is due to receive her Toyoaki family performing name for shamisen this year.

Projects include Yoko Ono’s SKYLANDING, Tatsu Aoki’s The MIYUMI Project, The Reduction Ensemble, and the Taiko Legacy / Reduction series at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.


Solo album: No Traffic in Space (2021)
available from Asian Improv Records
Featured in: Best of the MIYUMI Project (2020)
available from FPE Records