• Sixth Planet from the Sun

    Two-person show at LVL3 | January 22 - March 6,2022

    In Sixth Planet, Kioto Aoki and Pamela Ramos explore the physical and relational nature of photography. As artists, they each approach the tangibility of light and its workings, as it navigates and decays across space. Both their practices nurture a careful examination of site-responsive encounters, as they pertain to time and the material body. Aoki unpacks the very notion of what it means to collect, document, and recall one’s life through the photographic process. The artist exposes the realities of the daily routine as a series of romantic possibilities. Ramos’ work depicts and aims to demystify set definitions of the self and the other. Through symbiotic decay, one may uncover the lasting impressions of close, interpersonal bonds. By reimagining forgotten objects and material Ramos reclaims context and authorship in anonymity. In Sixth Planet from the Sun, Aoki and Ramos walk viewers through a soft haze of nostalgia, prompting deliberate and sentimental considerations of the self and the everyday.