• Living Architecture

    Site specific film and book installation at 6018|North for Living Architecture, a large-scale, multidisciplinary exhibition highlighting the influence and impact of immigrant artists on Chicago.

    Inspired by architect Bernard Cache's notion of inflections and acknowledging the lineage of architectural photographer Idaka Yuichi, the film activates two existing works at the gallery: "Shotgun" by First Office located in the basement and Vlatka Horvat's "Door to Door" on the second floor. The piece is installed as a projection in the closet, behind Horvat's piece of all the doors from the building. The books are pinhole images taken and installed in the stairwells, as a way to activate the space visitors pass through to go from the basement doors to the closet projection.

    frame,ways,inflections | 2018
    digital projection of 16mm, b/w, silent

    frame,wells,inflection | 2018
    archival inkjet artist books